Clicks Bends Down To EFF Pressure, Fires Two Black Employees Responsible For The Advert

Following the negative twitter trend and EFF riots, South Africa’s leading pharmacy, health, and beauty retailer Clicks have been thrown under the bus over their discriminatory advert posted on their website. Clicks has acknowledged the public outcry by suspending two of its employees who are responsible for putting up the advert on the website.

The questionable advert that has put Clicks in hot soup portrayed black women’s hair as ‘Frizzy and Dull’ & ‘Dry and Damaged,’ while white women’s hair was depicted as ‘Normal and Fine.’

This sparked an outrage from the majority of black South Africans.

Some are of the opinion that the post was intentionally published to “provoke” black people and “promote racism”.

While EFF, a South African radical opposition party has already called for the forced closure of all 702 countrywide Clicks shops – and a few shops have complied.

Announcing the latest development on the incident, Vikesh Ramsunder, Clicks Group CEO said the incident that occurred is nothing short of riveting as he was of the opinion that the organization is currently going through a much needed and awaited transformation.

“I am deeply disappointed. I couldn’t believe this happened within our organization because until Thursday I thought we were in the right direction around transformation we have done enormous work.”

“More than 80-percent of our employees are black but what I have come to realize is that I have a lot more work to do in the organization.”

“I can always pass the bark to Unilever which I am not doing, I can do what I am doing in my organization to make sure that this does not repeat itself.”

Despite the “equivocal” apology issued by Clicks following the incident, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party members expressed their disgust at Clicks apology that lacked “remorse” and “emotions”. They have since issued a memorandum to the company for a full week closure of all Clicks stores countrywide, or else they will be forced to shut down.


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