Generations Mazwi Cheats On Sphesihle With Fikile

Sphesihle (Pearl Monama) and Mazwi’s (Musa Ngema) arranged marriage is proving what a terrible idea the whole thing is. Things have been rocky for these two from the moment they said ‘I do’. From Mazwi’s inability to conceive, Sphe hooking up with her brother-in-law(the same man she conceived a baby with) to their different personalities.
They’ve previously cheated on each other; Mazwi had a heavy office affair with Nolwazi(Thando Thebethe) who he almost divorced Sphe for, Sphe had a fling with Gaddafi (Vuyo Dabula) when they worked together on that mob-doctor spectacle.

Things are about to get wild again when Mazwi spots Sphe talking and laughing with Gadaffi and assumes they’re having an affair again.

Mazwi will get jealous and starts connecting with Fikile (who is Gadaffi’s ex and Ezweni’s client) at the office and continue leaving the office late. We’ve seen how the two have a great time together because they have a lot more in common.

Mazwi wasn’t raised with a silver spoon in his mouth unlike Sphe and yearns to be his own man. The two are like oil and water.

Fikile (Refilwe Madumo) has a terrible track record with men; she dated Gadaffi who was still grieving for Tshidi then dated Mpho (Gadaffi’s adopted son) to get back Gadaffi. Now, she’s going to have an affair with Mazwi who is married. So much for changing and putting herself first.

Sphe will start feeling neglected and spend more time with Gadaffi. I know for certain Sphe isn’t going to cheat on Mazwi because she truly regrets doing it previously. When Mazwi has flings, he usually gets attached and wants out. Let’s hope that won’t happen again this time around because Sphe might end their marriage for good when she finds out.

Do you believe they will finally end their marriage, this time around?


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