Hopeful Bride Humiliated On Jub Jub’s New Show #YouPromisedToMarryMe

While Uyajola was aiming cheaters, You Promised To Marry Me centers on people who were promised marriage but it never happened and they’re tired of waiting.

Jub Jub and his crew then go to investigate why the person in question promised to marry someone but never went through with their promise.

Yesterday was the first episode and viewers were quite impressed.

As with Uyajola 9/9, the drama was crazy but so was the humor.

The bride who wrote to the show wanting to get married was left with an egg on her face when things didn’t go as planned.

Her husband to be and his family had canceled the wedding ceremony a week before the set date, so she wanted some answers.

It was revealed that she bought another man in the house hence the reason why the marriage didn’t go through.

After going to the man who promised to marry her, wearing a wedding gown and all, there was still no marriage.

Viewers who watched the show were more than happy to indulge and took to Twitter to give the show some props. Even Celebs like Somizi and Lasizwe were live tweeting about the show.

Here are some Tweets from last night

“Hello hello MojaLove and Jub Jub, we need this show to be 1hr please, 30mins is not enough. #YouPromisedToMarryMe”

“Jub Jub even organized bridesmaids & groomsmen. She’s even wearing lesira! Bathong!”

” So the Bridesmaid and Groomsmen are the bouncers from UyaJola 99 #YouPromisedToMarryMe”


Whoever is a sound engineer must be paid double that’s savage the tracks are on fire

“Jub Jub opening doors for visitors in people’s homes, he’s too comfortable #YouPromisedToMarryMe

#YouPromisedToMarryMe You skip ur daylight wedding jub jub will organise u one at night.

#YouPromisedToMarryMe Jubjub can separate you y’all on Uyajola9/9 and bring y’all together at #YouPromisedToMarryMe

– IHarare

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