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‘They Stole My Concept’ – Man Accuses Jub Jub’s New Show You Promised To Marry Me Of Stealing His Ideas

An embittered man has publicly accused Moja Love channel of his stealing his show concept from him.

Cedric Manala alleged that the new show, You Promised To Marry Me is based on ideas he pitched to the channel.

This follows after the show premiered on Sunday.

You Promised To Marry Me is the latest show presented by Jub Jub which deals with people who are promised a hand in marriage, which never materializes or people who have had weddings canceled on them by their partners and they want to find out why.

Cedric Manala spoke to the Daily Sun about the matter

“I saw an advert from Moja Love requesting people to submit TV show proposals. I submitted mine in June. After I submitted my proposal, I saw an advert of a new show coming out, which had the same concept as mine.”

The 30-year-old from Cedric, who hails from Tembisa, Ekurhuleni, said Moja Love only contacted him after he called them out on social media.

“The CEO of Moja Love, Aubrey Tau, along with head of channel Bokani Moyo, contacted me. They said they haven’t read my email.

“I asked them why the concept was the same. All they did was change the name.”

Cedric said they invited him to visit the station when they were recording, but he challenged them on why they wanted him there if they hadn’t stolen his concept.

Cedric said its not about money or compensation but recognition because it was going to open doors for him.

Cedric said he will take legal action against legal action against Moja Love.

“I waited for the first show to air because they could have decided to cancel it before I took any legal action. I’m looking for a lawyer to help me pro bono.

A Moja Love official, however said the channel had been working on the show format for You Promised to Marry Me since last year as a spin-off of Uyajola 9/9.

They said the concept of the show was created and formalised internally by the channel’s executive producers and all proposals submitted for the month of June had not been processed yet, so there was no way they stole Cedric Manala’s concept.


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