Video recorded: Shock as 4 young Boys take turns to r_pe a 4-year-old Girl

When the little girl went outside to play, her family did not imagine the horror that awaited her. But the four-year-old was gang-r_ped by four boys, aged between 10 and 13.


It happened at Video Squatter Camp near Honeydew on Friday.
The boys were arrested over the weekend.

The girl’s mum (30) told Daily Sun she was in the house when her baby girl went to play with other children next door.

“Next thing, a girl came to tell me that some boys were doing something to my child. I rushed there and was shocked by what I saw,” said the shaken mum.

SHE said the perpetrators took a video of the horrific act.

“I can’t even watch that video. It makes me sick,” she said.

The mum said she wanted justice for her child, who was treated at Leratong Hospital on Friday and then discharged.

“My daughter is traumatized. She will need serious counselling,” she said.

Yesterday she took the child back to the hospital for another scheduled check-up and for more treatment.

Daily Sun also learnt yesterday that because the phone used to film the incident belonged to a gogo of one of the suspects, it was taken by police.

The gogo allegedly yesterday visited the house and assaulted the girl because she blamed her for her phone had being taken by cops.

The girl’s gogo told the People’s Paper they were disturbed. “This is sick. After this happened, some of the perpetrators’ parents wanted us to keep this to ourselves and not involve the police,” she said. She added that the family would also report the evil gogo to cops today.

“If nothing is done, it means they will do it again. We want justice,” said the gogo.

Angry residents told Daily Sun this was shocking.

“What a sick society we live in,” said community leader Sizwe Mavimbela.

He said this proved that children were exposed to s_xual abuse.

“Children will not just wake up and do these things. They see them somewhere and imitate them.

“To go to the extent of taking a video means they’ve seen this happen,” said Mavimbela.

“Something of this nature shouldn’t happen. We need to teach young boys to respect women,” he said.

Resident Joyce Skefu (30) said: “I was shocked when I heard about this. I thought of my two-year-old girl. What society are we raising if such young boys are able to do this?”

Another resident, Mama Elizabeth Mhlungu, said TV played a role as well.

“These soapies show things that are not right. Sometimes you wish to hide as a parent when some things appear on the soapies and you are sitting with your kids.

“They are not teaching our kids good things but only hate, s.e.x and violence,” she said.

Gauteng police spokesman Captain Mavela Masondo confirmed the incident.

“Cops opened a case of r_pe after four boys, aged between 10 and 13, allegedly r_ped a four-year-old girl in Muldesdrift on Friday.

“The boys have been detained at Walter Sisulu Youth Centre as investigations continue,” he said.

-Daily Sun


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