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Lerato Sengadi Slams Mbuyiseni Ndlozi For Rudely Addressing Thuli Madonsela

EFF held protests at Clicks stores across the country after the cosmetic store promoted racist content in a hair care advert on their official website. Thuli Madonsela who also commented on the issue has since cause a stir with her opinion.

Thuli claimed the advert was a “textbook case of unconscious bias” that needed to be called out however, violence is not the way to go about solving this.

Mbuyiseni responded to her comments in disagreement, claiming that Madonsela should “find the nearest hell”, as her opinion is unwelcome by the party.

“Find the nearest hell Thuli… when you get there, you know the cerebral thing to do. We need no approval from your coconut logic” he said.

Lerato whom was no at all impressed by Ndlozi’s comment, responded saying that he is a hypocrite for preaching about respecting women, and possessing the complete opposite attitude and behavior.

“You can’t preach about respecting women and then respond to an elder like this, in such a disrespectful manner” Lerato said.

She further said that even if he did not approve of Thuli’s comments, his response was uncalled for.

“Even if you do not agree with her stance and view on this, this is absolutely no way to address her. Do better, Abuti. This ain’t it” Lerato said.

– OkMzansi

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