Mzansi Comes Through For Petrol Attendant Wiseman In Big Way Following Humiliation

In a very uplifting development, South Africans have come through and showed the best of Mzansi after they came to the aid of a Wiseman, a petrol attendant who was humiliated by a scammer.

Wiseman, full name Siphamandla Wiseman Ndabezitha, has been trending on social media after a video of the scam went viral on social media.

In the video which was recorded and posted by the scammer, the unidentified misfit refused to pay for the fuel that he had received feigning that there was a communication break down. After Wiseman had poured fuel worth R210, the miscreant gave him two separate R10 notes claiming to have asked for that.

Wiseman who holds his cool throughout the ordeal appears nonplussed with the situation and the miscreant later posted the video on social media, to show how he had got one over the humble petrol attendant.

However, Tumi Sole was so touched by what had happened to Wiseman that he started searching for him in order to assist him.

After locating him, Tumi then shared Wiseman’s details and called for South Africans to help assist him following the encounter.

Managed to chat with Wiseman. The customer didn’t pay for the fuel but Wiseman’s employer sorted it out. Thanks @Leholosiane for the digits. Wiseman sends his regards.

Banking details:

Bank: Nedbank
Account no: 1169324568
Current account

Journalist Kgopolo Mphela called on South Africans to put a smile on Wiseman’s face by sending him R210.

Within hours #R210ForWiseman was trending on social media as scores of South Africans answered the call for assistance. Said Mphela,


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