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“She Is Great In Bed”: Letoya Makhene Explains Why It’s Great To Be Lesbian

Generations: The Legacy actress, Letoya Makhene has said that it is great to be lesbian because her partner, her partner Lebo Keswa is exceptional in bed.

Letoya has been in the spotlight in the headlines ever since she announced that she had found love in the arms of another woman, Joburg businesswoman Lebo Keswa.

While her family has accepted her relationship and supported her 100 percent, Letoya revealed that she still gets plenty of negative attention and slurs because of her lesbian relationship.

Most of the negative attention seems to stem from homophobic men who question why she decided to ditch men and have a relationship with another woman. Letoya revealed that she has been receiving dozens of DMs from men questioning why she chose to be a lesbian.

Fed up with the constant pestering and negative energy, the actress took to social media to issue an unequivocal statement explaining her relationship status as well as making it clear that she relishes being lesbian with her partner, Lebo.

Said Letoya,

“Let’s just get this out of the way once and for all please, and hopefully I won’t be asked this question again. To all the men who keep asking me why her? What do I see in her? Nywe nywe nywe … here’s my answer … KUKU YA HAE E MONATE (she’s great in bed.)”

– IHarare

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