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3 Great Cooking Tips From Somizi That We Picked Up From Watching Dinner At Somizi’s

Media personality Somizi Mhlongo-Motaung’s cooking show, Dinner At Somizi’s has been a hit and people cannot seem to get enough of it.

Despite not being formally trained in the culinary arts, Somizi has shown that he is a great cook who is very creative in the kitchen and can create eccentric but mouth-watering dishes.

While Somizi always maintains that he is not a chef and that his show is not about teaching people how to cook, he has managed to teach people quite a few things over the course of the show.

Here are some of the excellent cooking tips that we picked up from watching Dinner at Somizi’s that we have now adopted.

1. Never Throw Away You Left Over Spices

During the first episode of his show, Somizi shared a golden rule: never throw away the last little bit of seasoning in a packet; instead, decant it into a new container and add other odds and ends as you finish off the bottles of spices in your pantry.

In doing so you’ll create your own unique spice blend and, after a month or so, will have enough to use in a dish. The mixture apparently works like magic on meat, especially on lamb.

2. Marinate Your Meat The Day Before You Cook It

If you want your meat to absorb lots of flavour, you should marinate it the day before you plan on serving it. Somizi suggests marinating it for about 12 hours before you cook it.

3. Egg Wash Your Pastries

When making pastries, where possible, you should use an egg wash to get a much better result and a golden brown color.

When making his Meaty Novorosh Pie on the show, Somgaga suggested that you brush your pastry with beaten egg before you bake it to help it turn golden brown.

– IHarare

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