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‘I Want To Help Him”-Cassper Nyovests Launches Search For Homeless Teenager

Rapper, Cassper Nyovest has appealed to social media, to help him locate a homeless teenager so he can help him.

Cassper posted a video of the young man telling passengers in a taxi that one day he will rise above his circumstances make it big.

He said he might look like a person who has nothing know but tomorrow they might see him driving a nice vehicle.

The teenager looked confident about what he was talking about and didn’t make himself look pitiful but he seemed hopeful that things will change.

A lot of people were inspired by his speech and are anxious to see the young man get a good start in life and rising above his circumstances.

Cassper Nyovest said he used the young man’s voice over in a skit for his upcoming album Any Minute Now and he would love to find him and pay him for it.

Wrote Cassper on Facebook

Cassper’s fans had nothing but praises for him and they lauded his initiative.

Here are some of the comments.

“This is good Cassper, it would be even great if you could rehabilitate this young man so he knows how to use the money you pay him. Give him a sense of direction, it’s a lot but it would ensure the good deed is sustained

“God bless u Cass and i think just do a lil like put him in a course so that he can support his FAM money comes and it goes a course gives a job and opportunities but hey what u doing is big”

“Cass, please take us with when you find the kid and upload the video on YouTube channel so we can see the Journey in finding him”


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