Man asks Moonchild Sanelly, Her response is fire

Moonchild Sanelly has replied rudely to a tweep who requested for n#des, but not the n#des she was thinking about. The care-free and highly-opinionated performer told the follower where to get off after his daring request.

In response to the tweep who requested for her nud_s, she asked him to ask them from his mother. Whilst some applauded her for telling the alleged pervert, some laughed at her blunder as the follower corrected her by saying he was rather asking for her EP titled Nud_s.


Moonchild is a self-proclaimed n#dist when she publicly declared that she hates clothes and will post her n@ked body whenever she wants to. After being called out for always dressing provocatively, Moonchild told a few tweeps that she will post her bums till people stop the whole act of being shocked.

“Also …I’ll post my bum until u stop being shocked coz … it’s my comfort! I love no clothes so deal with it!”

This also comes from the fact that growing up she was mocked for having a big butt and how she has grown to embrace it. If she is not starting twerk-trends for women on social media, she is encouraging them to accept their bodies the way they were created.



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