Skeem Saam: Captain Malebana Suspended

As I have suspected Arthur Molepo’s character; Captain Malebana will be suspended over his continuous losing streak in unsolved murder cases at Turfloop Police Station. So, which cases landed him in hot water; the recent nut-factory-fire that killed Koloi’s mother and Kelebogile’s missing body. Since the inception of the show, he’s failed to solve 90% of his cases and it’s not just the big cases he’s lost, but small cases too. Remember when Mapitsi’s computer was hacked by her roommate, what about Sonti Magongwa’s nuts recipe contract that Lehasa stole, or even recently; Marothi’s missing funds which disappeared when his wife Rachel went missing?

The Chief of Police will apparently put Detective Babeile in charge of the cases while Malebana is put on special leave. In their investigation, they perceived him to be unreliable and outdated because of his stubbornness to learn new methods/ways of solving cases.

The community doesn’t trust him either or rely on him when they need assistance. Most people who were interviewed said they would rather take the law into their own hands than call the police station. His colleagues also found him bothersome and felt that he necessitated an early retirement since he slowed them down.

When someone stays in a job for too long, they get so relaxed in their position that they forget the purpose they’re in that position in the first place.

Out of the many cases that were unresolved, the most cowardly case was that of the murder of ‘Miss Turfloop High’; Kelebogile. Sure her killer (Tumishang) was shot dead but why aren’t the police continuing with the investigation and looking for her body? Are her parents (Mr.Kgomo and his wife) supposed to forget about their daughter?

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Why hasn’t her killer’s lawyer (Leeto) confessed to the police about the killer’s confession, especially because he’s dead? It doesn’t make sense why Leeto would think he’ll get fired since Tumishang is dead.

So, now that Malebana is out, will Babeile be promoted, or will Katlego Peterson’s father replace him?

– Iharare

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