My Boss wife sleeps with me 6 times a week when her husband travels – 20-year-old boy cries out

The world we are now is a risk, people are into different stuff and all, having a husband or a wife now has turn to something else, you don’t know who to trust and not to trust.

Many people are falling victim to all sort of criminal activities and all. Family are supposed to be secret and there is supposed to be trust, love ,care, faithfulness etc when it come to marriage but what we see today is beyond unexpected, marriage are now war, prisons, fighting ground, cheating etc.

This is what happened to a guy recently and he is asking for help:

The young man cries out for help, explaining how the wife of his employer abusses him, sleeping with him almost seven times each time his employer goes to work.

What do you think he should do in this case..? What would you have done putting yourself in his shoes..?

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