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Man Caused Havoc On Social Media After He Did This To His Child. See below

Social media is a platform that makes people see new things everyday. It is used by different people who have different personalities and that’s what makes it interesting.

Sometimes social media can be a horrible site to be on as it can possibly be the reason why you lose your self-esteem and worse become depressed.

It has a way of sucking the lives of the living dry because there are many people who are using it, and who don’t mind bullying others to just feel good about themselves.

Although it has its bad side, one can agree that it can also have a positive impact on people. Going online and finding posts or funny videos when you are feeling blue.

Social media can honestly be therapeutic.

Recently a man went to Facebook and posted a picture of himself with his daughter. What caught people’s eyes is where the baby way laying.

People were quick to comment on the picture as some found it rather weird that he put his daughter in a drawer while feeding her a bottle and watching a soccer game.

Some were finding the picture very funny and cute at the same time. They felt like the guy killed two birds with one stone. Making sure that his daughter is where he can see him while his watching his favorite game.

Here’s the picture he posted on Facebook.

1. The caption of his post was “Yeah I’m sure my baby momma ain’t gone let me watch her no more😂😂🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️”.

And people joined in by commenting on the picture Randy posted with his daughter.


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