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Mzansi reacts to Cassper and the taxi rank hustler having a good time

Multi-award-winning Cassper Nyovest is known for having a heart of gold. The rapper who is one of the country’s richest rappers has always touched the hearts of many with his philanthropic endeavours on social media.

Helping those who destitute and wants to achieve their goals is ultimately close to the rapper’s heart. From paying for student’s fee to helping his fans on social media, he does it all with passion and a warm heart.

The rapper recently touched many fans when he invited a youngster to the virtual launch party of his latest album. The youngster’s from East London whose video recently went viral on social media giving people in a taxi motivational talk and opening up about his struggles secured a special place in the hearts of many.

This follows after he said one day he will drive a nice car and find someone who will get him educate and reiterated that he is a hustler.

“See me now, I will drive a nice car, only God knows. There is someone who will get me educated. I won’t be poor forever, I promise you, I’m not telling a lie. I’m here to try and hustle. I’m a hustler, do you understand? I’m a hustler, bra. God is going to make a plan for me. Don’t give up nigga, don’t allow satan to win, he won’t succeed. Tomorrow you don’t know me, I’m going to drive a nice car.”

Cassper decided to use his verse on his latest album Any Minute Now (AMN), on his track controversial track To Whom It May Concern. The rapper pleaded with the masses to help him find the boy so that he can pay him because he is moved by his speech.

“Please help me find him? I used his voice as a skit on the album and I would like to pay him for it cause it really moved me and inspired me.”

Mufasa finally got hold of him and he invited him to attend the launch of the album in Durban. Now a recent snap of them chilling inside a house together has gone viral on Twitter.

Cassper’s fans were touched by the snap showing them chilling with other people inside a house including Cassper’s friend Carpo and Innocent while sharing a good laugh.


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