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#Uzalo: See How Will Mistermind And Mxolisi Save Magcobo

It’s over for Nkunzi on UZalo as two sons of fam Mxolisi and Mistermind are coming back to save their Mother Lindiwe.

Mxolisi and Mistermind are well known for being the best when it’s comes to stealing cars. They been keeping the ball rolling in Zalo when it’s comes to this business. Finally they are back to save Magcobo and also bring that zing in the whole community of KwaMashu.

We all know that Magcobo had been living a expensive life but suddenly all of that had changed. Now she is living painful, miserable and poverty life which doesn’t suit her. But soon she will be back on her foot with the help of Mxolisi and Mistermind.

This two boys will come unexpected to save their Mother Lindiwe. No one will be aware that Mxolisi and Mistermind are back in KwaMashu. Even Magcobo will be shocked and surprised at the sometime when she finds out that Mxolisi and Mistermind are the ones that had been providing everything for her.

Nkunzi will act badly when he realizes that Mistermind and Mxolisi are the ones helping Magcobo to get back on her feet.

The question is are you ready to welcome Mxolisi and Mistermind in Zalo?

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