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PICS: Woman Gives Birth To A Tortoise

A tradomedical practitioner in Lagos has claimed that a 20 year old woman delivered a tortoise and a baby girl in his hospital.

The woman, Rasheedat Raimi, said she had carried the pregnancy for 10 months before she eventually delivered the baby girl and the tortoise at a trado-medical health center on Mutairu Street, Off Ijegun Road, outskirts of Lagos.

She stated “I came to Yakafi for prayers due to the horrible pains i was having in my belly. Immediately i got here, prayers were offered and immediately there was a burst of water and blood beneath me. The tortoise came out with the placenta and the baby out later. I couldn’t believe my eyes, but I was very weak. I was satisfied the pain left me. I felt relieved after the delivery. I thank God,”

On whether she attended ante-natal clinic before the delivery, the younger lady said: “I carried the pregnancy for 10 months. I did scans several times and nobody told me that i was carrying tortoise in my womb. What they continually advised me was that i am okay and would deliver at the right time,” she added.

“This is amazing, but true. She did not register with my hospital for ante-natal. When she came here along with her people, she was in pains, we didn’t know she will deliver right here. She only came here for prayers. We have been praying suddenly she started wriggling. She was into in pains.

Pastor touched her belly and observed something strange moving inside her. It was a strange thing. I concept it was a lizard but it grew to become out to be a tortoise. The tortoise tore the placenta into pieces and got here out. The baby came out afterwards.

“She fainted after the delivery and we had to revive her with prayers. This is what God can do. She had several scans however no one advised her that she was carrying a tortoise in her womb. God is great, ” he declared.

Ladies and Gents, Our technology can not see evil spiritual works. Only God can supply you while on this position. So, stop relying on technology but God. I hope this story has convinced you.


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