The child who was born in tree during Mozambique floods in 2000 speaks for herself

Rosita Mabuiango attracted global attention during her birth in 2000. This was during floods that left many people homeless in Mozambique. It is that time when South Africa military dispatched helicopters to save people who were trapped by floodwaters, and as a result they pulled 15000 people to safety.

Rosita’s mother, Caroline Chirindza who was previously referred to as Sofia Pedro climbed the tree awkwardly to rescue herself and her unborn baby. After four days in the tree she went into labor, on March 1 , 2000. Her mother in law carried a sarong, loose skirt under her to catch the baby so she cannot fall into the waters.

The miracle baby was named Rosita after her grandmother. The birth of Rosita in the tree has attracted attention worldwide this raised possibilities of helping those who were left homeless and jobless due to the flood.

Now that Rosita has grown up, she says she is not special. “I’m normal, it’s just a different way of being born, i think it’s God who chose that i be born that way” , she said with her soft voice. She is also happy that all the public attention has faded she can now enjoy a normal life and focus on her schoolwork.

Rosita’s mother, Chirindza believes that their rescue, 20 years ago was indeed a miracle. She is happy how the experience changed her life. She now has a three bedroom house donated by municipality and a job she was offered as a cleaner.


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