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5 Interesting Facts About Tino Chinyani And Simz Ngema’s Baby

Baby Tiyani Kemorena Michael Chinyani’s birth has been one of the most fascinating chapters in the birth of celebrity child’s in ZAleville. This following the news of his surprise arrival.

The offspring of starlet Simz Ngema and TV hearthrob Tino Chinyani, was welcomed into the world in June, but his arrival was kept hush hush. The news of his birth raised eyebrows and had Mzansi giving his parents a stamp of approval for being the G.O.A.Ts. of keeping their relationship private and the arrival of him under the wraps.

Take a look at these 5 interesting facts about baby Tiyani.

1. His baby bump and gender reveal.

No one saw it coming that Tino and Simz were an item. The announcement of Simz’s pregnancy left many shook, but besides it raising eyebrows, Mzansi congratulated the couple and expressed how happy they are for them.

The lovebirds debuted the starlet’s pregnancy in a stunning maternity shoot. Simz reckoned that God wiped her tears away and gave her a joy in abundance, following the death of his husband Dumi Masilela.

The couple also revealed his gender of Tiyani in a cute social media post which featured their hands holding a pair of blue baby shoes.


2. Tiyani named Baby Afrika/Nations.

Tiyani merged two African countries as his father is Zimbabwean and his mother is South African. As soon as the two made the announcement that they are expecting, both countries were on cloud nine and some even named Tiyani Baby Afrika/ Nations.

3. His parent’s romance and sizzling baecation.

Tino and Simz have been raising the bar high by setting their own relationship goals. The couple recently headed out to a spa treatment and they posted a video cuddling and kissing setting social media streets ablaze!

Tino recently posted a snap of Simz holding her baby bump in his Instagram page and the actress replied by saying “: I love you dzaddy! , hmm.. love truly lives here!

4 His arrival.

Baby Tiyani’s arrival was iconic. Mzansi learned that even before Simz debuted her baby bump, the starlet had already given birth to her bouncing bundle of joy.

The pair let the cat out of the bag on Tino’s 26th birthday and said he was born in June 23 2020.

5 His legacy.

Tiyani is one lucky child who has already inherited his father’s legacy, whose clothing brand Tiyani, is named after him.

Debuting his brand Tino said in a post “My legacy continued… The birth of my son; TIYANI CHINYANI & the gift of this brand. 🤍🕊I give to you a beautiful insight to my soul personified. I pray you enjoy it as much as I do.”

– ZAlebs

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