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Minnie Dlamini reveals the quality that made her fall in love with Quinton Jones

In an Instagram post dedicated to her husband, Quinton Jones, on their 3-year wedding anniversary, Minnie Dlamini said: “I knew Quinton was the one as he embodied all my dad’s best qualities.”

Minnie often speaks about the close relationship she has with her father, Jabulani, and in the sweet post also shared a photo of him walking her down the aisle.

“I had the biggest crush on him, I knew I wanted his babies lol,” Minnie, who recently announced that she is pregnant with her first child, said about her husband.

She also shared a special memory from their big day, saying that it had rained, but as she prepared to walk down the aisle the rain stopped and “a ray of sunshine lit up [her] wedding like the perfect summer’s day.”


The couple tied the knot is 2017 and shared their wedding celebration with the country in a three-part series titled: Becoming Mrs Jones.

Previously speaking to Channel24, Minnie said that sharing her big day with the entire country was very “nerve-wrecking,” and compared it to “standing in front of a crowd, naked.” But added: “It is a beautiful piece of work. I am extremely proud of it.”

When asked about what the best part of filming was, Minnie said: “Knowing that the happiest days of my life will be captured forever.”

– Channel24


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