PICS: Thembi Seete living an expensive life

Thembi Seete is the South african female actress who is currently acting in one of the biggest television shows in South africa, Gomora. The South african actress turned 43 on the 25th of March this year.

The South african actress Thembi Seete is the inspiration to many South african women as she has achieved a lot in the country and currently one of the richest celebrities in the country. As of 2020, Thembi Seete’s net worth is $4 million and that does not come as a surprise as the actress has been featured in different biggest television shows in the country. The South african actress Thembi Seete is a woman of many talents she also appear on stage as a musician and a motivator.

Growing up in Soweto taught Thembi Seete many things in life as she was inspired by other many celebrities who are also from her hometown. Her favourite celebrities are Trevor Noah and Pearl Thusi. Trevor Noah and Pearl Thusi are also one of the most successful celebrities in the country, if not in the world as Trevor Noah is currently staying in America. It has been five years since the comedian Trevor Noah moved to New York city while the other celebrity that is loved by Thembi Seete, Pearl Thusi is currently staying at Johannesburg.

The South african actress is currently not married but is in a relationship with one of the famous businessman in the country Louis Tomlinson. The couple does not have a baby at the moment but could expect one since there has been rumours that they are now engaged.

Thembi Seete became more famous after playing a part at the SABC1 television drama ‘Yizo yizo’ which is still trending now even though it was broadcasted more than 10 years ago. After playing a staring role at Yizo yizo, Thembi Seete was also featured in the movie called Hijacking stories in 2000. The South african actress continued to trend in South africa and was shown so much love when she was playing the role where she was Moloi’s child at the SABC1 television drama Zone 14.

It has been five years now since the actress joined the etv show Rhythm city, at the television show she was playing Bongi’s role where she was a musician. Some might remember Thembi Seete as the television show presenter. In her music career, Thembi Seete was a member of revolutionary kwaito Boom Shaka.

Thembi Seete is a very active person on social networks especially on Instagram, the South african actress usually posts her pictures on Instagram and Facebook. At the age 43, Thembi Seete is still looking more younger and beautiful than ever and some might think she is only 23. Reason behind that is because she keeps herself healthy and exercises a lot, you could see in her pictures that she posts on social media.

The South african actress is now playing a leading role at the Mzansi Magic television show Gomora, check out her pictures on how she looks when she is not on stage:


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