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Is this Musa Mseleku’s number five?

Musa Mseleku is a polygamist, who has 4 wives and 10 children. Many in Mzansi would not have known him were it not for the Mzansi Magic program that debuted its new reality show, Uthando Nesthembu that airs every Thursday night.

The reality show is back yet again in our TV screens. On today’s episode it showed how Mr Mseleku is not taking woman serious and he doesn’t even consider their feelings. He is worried about his surname and having a lot of children and he doesn’t even care who will he hurt when that happens.

All his wives have learned to be independent and they are now working and having their own jobs without the help of their husband’s. They are now doing things for themselves other than doing them for their families.

Mseleku was still asking for the fifth wife, but unfortunately things took a wrong turn. MaCele told Mseleku that he is not mentally stable when he wanted another wife. Musa saw that his wife’s will not allow this and he decided to respect it and he said “can I have an official girlfriend”.

request to be met. He wanted his number 5 only. MaCele said “you’ve been persistent about this number five it really shows that she is already there and it’s only a matter of time before she shows her face”.

Makhulo who is the 3rd wife can not have children. Mseleku wants someone to protect and keep that surname running. He is afraid that if he does not get someone from the Khumalo family his family with MaKhumalo parish. Musa has been asking his sons Lwandle and Mpumi to take Atleast two wives when they are ready to get married. Unfortunately Mpumi did not agree to that.

Lwandle did not want to fight with his father so he kept on saying yes, but deep down he knew that it will not happen. They both have seen how troublesome it is to be in the polygamous marriage.


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