Lockdown level 1; These grades will no longer be writing their final exams this year


The Department of Basic Education has stopped the current year’s final exam for Grade 10 and 11 student.

The office says Covid diseases, the loss of lecturing time and the conclusion of schools under the hard lockdown time frame has brought about the non-fulfillment of the educational program.

Division representative, Elijah Mhlanga, says additional lecturing time will be apportioned one year from now to assist students with meeting up with the school’s curriculum.

“It’s a once-off measure that we have set up after we took a gander at all that influenced tutoring this year and we felt it would not be reasonable to have a full-scale assessment when schools were shut and resumed. With the managed educational program we understood that we won’t finish the curriculum.”

“Class 10s and 11s gain proficiency with something very similar, it is only the level of trouble of what they are realizing. It is fundamentally something that isn’t generally new to them. So what we will do is make additional time one year from now to guarantee that all the work that was not secured is secured at that point,” includes Mhlanga.

Then, the division says it is envisioning an expansion in dropout rates because of expanded school terminations this year.

It made an introduction in Parliament when it raised worries more than a great many students who had not yet gotten back to class particularly in KwaZulu-Natal.

The office says around 38 000 Grade 7 students and 18 000 matriculants in that area could drop out of school.


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