People reacted as a mortuary man confessed to sleeping with corpses, he gave reasons.

As we know that there is time of death in life and that there is time when a corpse is brought to the mortuary to be taken care of, with that being said it looks like there is a lot that happens behind the locked doors of mortuary.

Some people do not believe that there is a person that can sleep with a corpse as they believe that a corpse must be respected, but it looks like there are some people who do not care about brain death of a person they believe that as long as the body is still fresh they can do anything.

The man called Sharkar lucas confessed that he slept with dead bodies in the mortuary. He said that the reason he did it was because it was part of a training before he was employed.

Another reason was that he was rejected by the person he wanted to marry, she said that he was a mortuary man. As he sees dead bodies of fine girls in the mortuary he sleeps with them, he said.

he is not mentally stable while others are saying that he needs deliverance.


I suggest that people should respect the dead and the mortuaries owners should maintain security to the dead bodies against bad acts by the workers who think like this man because this is so bad.

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