#TwerkForPhume| Phume Turns Back On SA Men Just A Month Before The Launch Of PS5

South African men still can’t stomach the fact that their only easy way to lay hands on a brand new PS5 console is about to be taken away from them just a month before the official launch and sale of the much-anticipated gaming tool.

Phume, South Africa’s travel enthusiast and fitness bunny announced she will be deactivating all her social media accounts ‘for personal reasons’ till December this year. This after she had promised South African men PS5 gaming console that is scheduled to launch on November 12, 2020.

Just a few months ago, men scrambled on Phume’s social media accounts begging to shake their assets for her so she can award the best booty clapper a brand new next-gen console.

The best ass-clapper, by the name of Vigro_kabza, walked away with a promise of a next-gen console after dropping mad moves on his fellow helpless chaps last June.

And this time, men were ready to take this to another level. They still want to prove they can do best what society flaunts as a women’s field of expertise.

It’s safe to say men haven’t been the same since they got a glimpse of the upcoming Playstation 5 console that leaked on Amazon in June this year – and when the fitness bunny flaunted a PS5 offer – all hell broke loose.

It is worse now that the official sale of the masterpiece is a month away from the public.

But that seems impossible to happen now that Phume has decided to turn her back on men as she embarks on her ‘no social media’ three-month break.

The hashtag has found its self topping Twitter trends once more as people beg her to live to by her words and for the last time, let men shake their assets.


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