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Uzalo Fikile’s Real Life Sister Is Snegugu On Isithembiso

The gorgeous Mchunu sisters are sibling goals.

Sometimes if takes quite a while for fans to connect the dots and link Londeka Mchunu from Isithembiso to Nelisa Mchunu from Uzalo.

Nelisa Mchunu is well known for her role as Fikile on Uzalo, while Londeka Mchunu is well known for her role as Snegugu.

Nelisa (27) is the older sister while Londeka is 24.

The sisters are always supportive of each other and their careers, occasionally taking to social media to support each other.

In the past Nelisa has said its a wonderful thing to be able to have Londeka in the industry as well and it is a good thing because she understands more than anyone else what it means.

When I joined Uzalo in 2016 my family was quite excited. When Londeka joined Isithembiso a year later it became a very big thing for our family. It feels good to have someone who understands you and with whom you can share the challenges you face.“We are both happy for each other and are on two different paths.””

Both sisters have never studied acting yet they have established themselves and gained respect from pure and raw talent alone.

Londeka once admitted that acting wasn’t for her initially

Acting wasn’t really a career I wanted to pursue but I a lot of people around me encouraged me to pursue it because of my ‘bubbly’ personality.I now feel acting is a gift from God and that it’s something I was destined to do. Now that I’m in it, it’s as if I found love.

Nelisa once said in the past it would be frustrating if people start comparing her to Londeka because the sisters never compare each other.


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