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Actor SK Khoza hunting for person who started petition for him to return on The Queen

Controversial actor, Sthembiso ‘SK’ Khoza is desperately looking for a tweep who created a petition for his return to the drama series, The Queen.

He played the character of Ushaka but last year his character was killed.

In September last year an online petition was started with an intention of bringing him back.

At least more than 29 000 tweeps signed the petition and they were gunning for 35 000.

Eventually Ushaka’s character was brought back to The Queen, much to tweeps delight.

On Wednesday he asked Tweeps to help him find the person who started the petition, this as he wanted to meet and thank that particular person.

“Please help me find the person who started this petition…I’d like to meet and thank them, can’t pretend like this didn’t mean a lot to me,” he wrote on his Twitter page.

Tweeps took turns congratulating him for his comeback.

Kylar Diamond congratulated him and wrote: “We glad you’re back on the show.

Whoever did this did a great job. Hope you find them.”

Andile Lurh wrote: “Rare case of you @SKKhoza. Ungowabantu.

And you are looing back to appreciate the person who did this petition. Really says a lot about you. Keep it up man.”

Cabrino Seven wrote: “We love you boi no matter what. You have occupied your space and you sure can’t be replaced.”



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