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Phelo Bala Moves On From Moshe Ndiki….Posts News Bae

Not so long ago, Mzansi was disappointed to learn that the much-revered fairytale love between their faves, Moshe Ndiki and Phelo Bala was and has always been a lie to the public.

Phelo Bala and Moshe Ndiki’s relationship seems to have run its course, but the final virtual nail in the coffin of their relationship has been hammered in by Phelo in his new Twitter posts where he confirmed his supposedly new bae.


Before posting his “new bae”, the singer went on a social media cleaning exercise last month and scrubbed all of the snaps of him and Moshe from his virtual accounts.

This after Moshe moered Phelo with a candlestick leading him to bleed on his head and had to obtain an interim court order protecting him from his partner.

The two’s much-revered paradise turned nasty with them finally settling their matter in court.

Last night’s Phelo posts erupted a twitter trend as fans made fun of Moshe Ndiki instead of congratulating Phelo sho is seemingly love-smitten.

Moshe’s memes have been used to describe people’s reaction to the new couple;

In as much as the public has already concluded Phelo’s post confirmed his new relationship, he hasn’t publicly confirmed that the unnamed man in the picture is his.


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