If You Can’t Pronounce This 15 Words, Just Go Back to School

Education is the Key to become successful in life. Yes, because without Education, you make yourself vulnerable to illiteracy, and once you’re illiterate, you will find it difficult to communicate, socialize and trend with the 21st century society.

The only place we can acquire good education is at schools. You can acquire home training, but you cannot acquire Education right from your home, except school.

Some people upon going to school, still find it so difficult to pronounce some English words. Irrespective of the fact that most of this certain people, are Graduates from different Universities, but when it comes to word pronunciation, they will fail.

Recall that we learnt pronunciation when we were still in Basic Education level. Our teachers took turn, to teach us on how you pronounce words correctly. If you fail to pronounce a word, then isms a clear indication that you can’t read.

Below are the Fifteen words

1. Sdrucciola.

2. Dracocephalum.

3. Verisimilitude.

4. Dmisteinbergite.

5. Hyacinthlike.

6. Trabecularization.

7. Phthalimide.

8. Sborgite.

9. Jurisprudentially.

10. Gwihabaite.

11. Czarocracy.

12. Carbapenemase.

13. Lactamase.

14. Mnemonician.

15. Bryopsidalean

Am sure that there are some persons who will find it very difficult, to pronounce those mentioned words above. Well if you were not able to pronounce those words, you really need to go back to school.

Were you able to pronounce all the words? If you were not able to pronounce them, i think you know what to do, just go back to school!


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