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PICS: Uzalo Njeza And Nonka Have A Night Out In Real Life

Uzalo actors Nkanyiso Makhanya and Thuthuka Mthembu have the the best friendship goals offscreen.

The two who play brother and sister Nonka and Njeza on the soap have a good friendship and are constantly hanging out.

Most fans wish the two were dating in real life.

Thuthuka Mthembu recently shared an Instagram story where she showed Nkanyiso dancing teasingly nicknaming him ‘grootman’

The two attended a Tastic event which featured famous local designer Laduma, who recently showcased his work at New York fashion week.

Although Nkanyiso Makhanya has had some acting in the past, Thuthuka Mthembu, 22, had never acted in any film and she didn’t want to act and her first gig as was on Uzalo in October 2018.

So she’s not worried about people saying she can’t act.

There will always be criticism with anything you do. There will always be haters too. You just need to allow yourself to take in constructive criticism and rise to any challenge,” she said.

Nkanyiso almost didn’t appear on Uzalo as he had auditioned on another show produced by the Uzalo team, however he didn’t get the role but they offered him a role on Uzalo instead.

Said Nkanyiso on his audition

Stained Glass productions which produces Uzalo had open auditions for a new show they’re working on called Delakufa. I attended the open auditions in JHB and I didn’t get a call back (sad moment for me) a couple of weeks later I got a call from my agent, saying that I auditioned for Delakufa but the producers want me for a new character on Uzalo. I couldn’t believe it.


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