Pregnant Lady Labours on Highway in Front of Hospital After She was Denied Service

I always have felt that Nigeria seems to be the only country in Africa where people are crying in misery and laughing with loud voices, oh that is so terrible and purely immoral. I think that Africa needs to think, come up with a strategy and deter evil against both the weak (not just Nigeria this time around).

To be honest, being poor can always be so tragic, that being poor could really kill. If the lady here appears to be wealthy, instead of the tremendous misery, she will be able to finance decent prenatal treatment for herself.

Right there in the middle of the road, in the front of a nice looking medical centre, after being refused medical treatment in Kenya, a woman is laboring in extreme pain.

Watch Video Below:

A video just spread across the internet and went viral. In the film, in front of Pumwani Maternity Hospital, a pregnant lady was lying on either the bare floor. When other women veiled her with their clothing, she screamed and yelled.

In the ambulance, several men attempted to appeal to medical staff, but they proved abortive. Women on the scene where weeping and screaming to generate fear may have been medical practitioners may think about letting her in, but nothing like that happens before the end of the scene.

Even the lady was weeping, there were several other women who didn’t want to help her deliver safely, but they were screaming and shouting helter refuge, which made me sad.

Before modernized medical facilities came to Africa, with the aid of few seasoned women, our mother gave birth peacefully, because medical facilities are not available in Kenya, I was expecting people to come and aid her deliver, perhaps they were shouting.

She screamed this pregnant lady crying, she cries, she still moans, whatever wrong, where do we go to Africa?

The very worst thing about this story seems to be that the government owned Pumwani hospital is. The lady who posted the video said that her order for service was turned down by the suffering lady.

I am sorry for Kenya. I am weeping for those who are struggling to receive affordable health care. I mourn for the women who have to go through with this kind of pain to bring this troubled society to light. No one needs this to go through.

The real explanation why she was refused medical service, though, is unclear, because no single doctor came out to see what was going on, as loud and upsetting as people yelled.

Kenyans are declining on the video, however according to comments, the government does seem to have a collapsed medical system and the Pumwani hospital seems to lack critical facilities, but to take delivery of a child they really do need large or costly machinery?

It’s so painful and embarrassing, I wonder how much this lady’s husband would feel if he sees the video where you are, oh African representatives.


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