Uzalo :Sphilile Cheats On Sbonelo With Nkunzi

It’s been heartbreaking and devastating to watch Sbonelo (Wiseman Mncube) lose everything and beg his father; Nkunzi (Masoja Msiza) for a roof over his head and his wives. Uzalo has become repetitive, whack and predictable for constantly letting its leading man; Nkunzi win every time. Sbonelo who is also his father enemy has become vulnerable and a target because he lives in his house.

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We know that Sbonelo isn’t an angel because he previously slept with his father’s girlfriend; Mazaza, stole some cars that his father was planning to hijack with the help of his father’s ex-wife; MaNgcobo.

His father is currently out for revenge and he’s planning to sleep with his son’s other wife; Sphilile (Tee Xaba). The two have been flirting continuously and Sbonelo wasn’t pleased when he found his wife laughing at his father’s jokes dressed in a mini-skirt.

Sphilile is loyal to money. So, now that her husband is broke; she won’t stick around for much longer. She’s not the type to feel guilty about sleeping her way to the top or stabbing her husband in the back.

Sbonelo knows this about her; that’s why he paid half a million rand of lobola for her because she likes the finer things in life. Sbonelo dragged her back in his life because she makes him feel like a man. Whereas his other wife; Nonka is a realist and challenges him. His ego is bruised right now and he needs Sphilile to make him good again, he wants to be lied to and told that it’s just a temporary setback.

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Mamlambo(Nkunzi’s other wife) will not let Nkunzi have an affair with Sphilile because she’s not a polygamist and she doesn’t want round two of Mazaza in Nkunzi’s house. She doesn’t even wanna share him with his older wife; MaNgcobo.

We saw her reaction when she caught Nkunzi checking out Sphilile and how mad she was at Sphilile for dressing provocatively.

Watch this story unfold when Sbonelo catches Nkunzi in bed with his wife(Sphilile).


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