Bushuri is sick & tired, as he speaks out

Prophet Bushuri, leader of the ‘Enlightened Christian Gathering’ church, is finally responding to the backlash and claims of him alleging that he is guilty of r_pe and corruption. “His address came right after he made allegations against the media, Hawks and Sanco of trying to extort money from him”.

Additionally, this past Wednesday, two women who accuse the Prophet of r_ping them appeared on NCA to speak out. Apparently, both incidents transpired in a hotel, with Bushuri giving them each money to silence them, but on separate occasions.

However, Bushuri has denied all claims regarding such allegations and claims that these are all intended attempts to tarnish his name. Apparently, he claims that he once reported a case of blackmail but was never taken seriously by the police! Although, he states that he has nothing to fear as his people are with him in prayer.

When interviewed by the “Dailysun”, Bushuri firmly commented “I believe in the South African justice system. If I run away, I’ll be running away from justice. Together we can defeat anything, spiritual forces standing against us”. Furthermore, the Prophet even went further to his innocence by providing clips of evidence, showing who was after him. What do you think?

– Dailysun

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