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Cassper Nyovest is looking forward to boxing AKA soon

Rapper Cassper Nyovest has taken an immediate jab at his rival and future match contestant AKA, saying their upcoming match should happen at the Ticketpro Dome so AKA can experience how it feels to “fill up” a venue.

A fan asked Cassper if he already had a thought of where their much-anticipated match would be hosted when it finally happens. As always, Cassper saw it as a chance to poke a quiet AKA.

“Where will we catch the match?” the question went.

“The Dome. So he knows how it feels to fill it up once in his career. It’s gonna be an epic night of entertainment.”

The megacy was touched on Mega’s behalf — either AKA missed the subtweet or he’s still collecting ammo for a clap back. However, Cassper’s fans were hyped up by his tweet, even adding that perhaps a match at The Dome would finally “shut” AKA up.

Cassper doesn’t think anything will ever shut his rival up but he’s looking forward to the outcome of the match for different reasons.

He also took the chance to explain to his fans why he’s had to stop himself from pulling an “after school is after school” stunt since their beef began, half a decade ago.

Read his reason below.


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