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Celebs Who Have Been Arrested

With news of “The River’s” fave, Presley Chweneyagae, landing in jail we have taken it upon ourselves to countdown some of our memorable Zalebs that have landed in jail for their alleged crimes.


The first is ‘The River’s” Cobra following the allegations that the celebrated actor was held in jail on allegations of assault towards his wife. The actor has since cleared his name in the public domain by conducting an interview explaining that he is innocent of the charges and going into detail about the matter.

In his retelling of the events that transpired the leading “Tsotsi” actor made it clear that he has and has never laid a hand on his wife. He categorically sated that he was not arrested but handed himself to the police following receiving a call telling him that there have been charges laid against Presley made it clear that his an advocate against putting an end to gender-based-violence (GBV). The actor is still part of the leading telenovela which either suggests that he is a great actor (which he is), or he has managed to fool everyone.


Second is our favorite child-star turned bad-girl, Khanya Mkangisa. Khanya should have a room by now considering how many times baby girl has been sent to jail for her misdemeanors. The first was when the star landed in jail for driving-under-the-influence (DUI). The star did not even hand herself over, but was handcuffed and put at the back of the police van. How do we know this? There is a whole video documenting a drunken Khanya being vocal while all of this takes place.

The second time which on the matter of whether she landed in prison during the drama is still unclear But sis got into trouble again with the law after scratching a neighbor’s car in their complex. The neighbhor’s reportedly claimed that the star scratched their car while under the influence and did not want to onus of the responsibility of fixing the car. Khanya clapped back suggesting it was a smear campaign against her, and the matter was blown out of proportion.

The last inmate we will discuss is everyone’s favorite Sunday night snack, Jub Jub. What is a list of our favorite inmates with him. The trial of Jub Jub and his co-accused of the killing pupils while car-dragging under the influence is well documented. But when we talk about a glow-up, we certainly are talking about Molemo a.k.a Jub Jub. The rapper turned much beloved television host has given every inmate that there is life and success after coming out of prison


A bonus fave we will add is Kelly Khumalo. This is sensitive issue, so what we can discuss is the impact of the singer being held for questioning over the tragic and unsolved mystery if Senzo Meyiwa. Kelly being held in jail for questioning resulted in her “ex-sister”, Zandie Khumalo and her boyfriend at the time, Longwe Twala all being arrested together.

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