Idols Fans Accuse Unathi Of Lying To Contestants

Idols SA judge, radio host and musician Unathi Nkayi is in hot water with Idols fans over her judging abilities. Nkayi who is being termed a liar by fans on social media was trending yesterday over her responses to the Idols contestants singing Live on stage yesterday on Mzansi Magic.

Idols fans have always been critical on Unathi more than Somizi and Randal because she hasn’t been a “successful” musician and is overwhelmingly emotional at times.

Fans side-eyed the radio host and musician when she told Succedor and Ethan that they did a great job, who many agreed didn’t give their best performance on stage yesterday.

An Idol fan tweeted:” Contestants should avoid listening to Unathi, she is there to console rather than advise and judge. Besides naye nje her music awuthengisi. I mean like really Kokokoko.”

“Unathi must stop lying to contestants. Succedor didn’t do it kahle nje! Finish.”

Another fan tweeted:”True, her reaction and comment kulowa Ethan. Ay futhi Let me eat.”

While many agreed that Nkayi comes across as a nice person, they also concurred that she’s not honest. She has a kindness that is a revealing lameness and becomes biased when confronted by a terrible singer with a great backstory. She’s so attached to the contestants that she wants to be their saviour, but she can’t save them, because South Africans are the one’s who ultimately have a say, by voting and keeping their favourites/the best singers in the competition.

Unathi Nkayi is one of three judges on South African Idols. Somizi Mhlongo who’s also a choreographer and chef has always been a favourite judge on the panel because of his vibey and spontaneous personality and over the top “Uushem” comments. Somizi unlike Nkayi can get away with negative remarks over their favourite because they trust him and adore him. Another judge who gets away with criticism from fans is Randal termed as “Cold Randal”. He’s the most feared judge on the panel who brings in decades of experience in the music industry, total honesty and brutality.


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