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Uzalo Mbatha Tempted As New Girl Zethu Gives Him Her Underwear…Madongwe Finds Out!

Things are definitely heating up on Uzalo with the addition of the new girl Zethu Mthembu, played by actress Angel Zuma.

Zethu recently joined the church choir and the girl can sing, Mbatha was enamored at the first listen.

And now Zethu has made a bold move, she went to Mbatha’s office to discuss the uniform of the choir and then dropped her skirt for him.

Later, she then took off her lacy undies and put them in Mbatha’s jacket as a promise.

Madongwe then stumbles upon the undies and calls Zethu to the house, before taking out a sjambok and whipping Zethu, who then comes out running.

That’s is bound to destroy Mbatha’s reputation and the church, if it ever comes out.

Angel Zuma, who plays the seductive Zethu Mthembu recently took to social media to thank the Uzalo producers for having her on the show and the support she’s been getting from the fans.

Wrote Angel Zuma

Well no it didn’t happen over night… I’ve been an extra for 3 whole years. No lines nothing! God chose the worst possible time to open the door to the Film industry 🤔 I’ve has doors shut in my face, I’ve been rejected , I’ve been around trying and failed many times.

Then Boom – CORONA😐

People were loosing their jobs

People were and are loosing their lives

Families starved, some were even Homeless… then Uzalo calls🙁

SHOCK of my life 🙌😫 when I wasn’t expecting it, when I had stopped trying , IT HAPPENED😢🤯❤ God made a way.

🌺There is a level of perfection in God’s timing that we , in our own timing, can never achieve .🌺

I would like to thank God for opening doors , yes I said Doors😊🙌

I would like to thank @stainedglasstv1

I would like to thank @uzalo_sabc1

I would also like to thank @agencymizan

For this great opportunity 🙌❤


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