Warning: Women Who have these on their Legs need to See this Urgently

Get Rid of Varicose Veins with Green and Red Tomato Treatment

Green Tomato Treatment

You need a few washed green tomatoes, cut into pieces or sliced.

Apply the slices on the skin over the nodes of varicose veins and on the dilated capillaries. Wrap the area with a bandage. Keep it like that until you feel a burning sensation on the skin. If you cannot stand the feeling, remove the tomato immediately and wash the veins with cold water.

The results will be visible in a short time.

You should repeat the procedure 5 times in a day, in sequence.

After two weeks of regular use of this remedy, the dilated capillaries, swelling and the pain will gradually disappear.

Red Tomato Treatment

The procedure is similar to the previous one. Wash and cut the tomato into thin slices, then put it on the painful veins and wrap with a bandage. Be careful to not wrap too tight, so that the blood can circulate normally. Keep the tomatoes on the painful locations for 3-4 hours, and then replace the tomato with another, fresh one. It is recommended to apply the remedy in the evenings. The duration of the therapy is individual, and it can be done in combination with the green tomato.

Tomato seeds contain a compound which is similar to acetylsalicylic acid (Aspirin). The acetylsaliciylic acid has anticoagulant effect which reduces the ability of the blood to clot. Also, tomatoes are rich in flavonoids which strengthen the blood vessel walls.


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