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DJ Tira And Black Coffee Intervene As NaakMusiq Threatens To Beat Up Prince Kaybee

Music heavyweights DJ Tira and Black Coffee have got involved in the ongoing exchange of words between fellow musicians, Prince Kaybee and NaakMusiq.

Kaybee and NaakMusiq got into a heated twar which led to Naak threatening to beat Kaybee up.

It all started when Kaybee, who is a lover of fast cars, responded to a tweet about BMW’s latest SUV.

In the video, the latest BMW X5 is struggling to make it up an off-road hill. A known fan of Mercedes Benz, Kaybee said of the SUV: “BMW engineering is k*k like k*kmusiq”.

NaakMusiq saw the tweet and so rang the ringside bell for round two of this duos twar.

Hitting back at Kaybee, NaakMusiq suggested that Kaybee’s shade was strange considering he asked him to be on a song twice.

“This coming from a guy who CAME TO ME and told me how much it would mean to him for me to be on his songs. TWICE also you’ve been avoiding that race we once spoke about. Lastly, I don’t know what you want to trend this time, but my boy, I will straight up f**k you up. Enough twitter”, he tweeted.

While the two continued their exchange of words, Tira and Black Coffee watched on the sidelines before getting involved.

Kaybee’s play on words did not go unnoticed. DJ Tira was the first to see it and asked the award-winning DJ to delete the tweet.

Tira then went on to tweet that the duo needed to sort out their difference in a boxing ring and not on Twitter.

“Enough is enough. This match needs to happen in October. Stop talking on Twitter and get in the ring. Who is your money on?” tweeted Tira.


While NaakMusiq seemed to change his mind on wanting to beat Kaybee up, Black Coffee seemed to back him up.

“Man I’ve had a great 10 years in this game. I’m proud of the little that I’ve achieved. We all have different destinies. So if your achievements make you belittle mine then do you man. I’ll see you around…Well done on your career”, tweeted Naak to Kaybee.

“Man!!!”, replied Black Coffee.

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