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Here Is How Much Master KG’s Jerusalema Has Made On YouTube

Master KG’s flag keeps rising and rising. From the looks of things, there is no stopping the 24-year-old Limpopo born deejay who has risen to prominence with his hit Jeruselama song which has been viewed over 148 million times on YouTube. The views on YouTube come with a nice paycheck attached to them. Master KG is definitely raking in millions from the virality of Jerusalema.

The data that the website pulled for the Openmic Productions YouTube channel, where most of Master KGs music videos are hosted, shows that the page received over 58 million new views in the last 30 days and based on YouTube’s revenue model, that is a possible $14,000 – $235,000 in revenue from ads displayed on the channel.

That amounts to an estimated R235,658 – R3,955,696 in earnings. The Jerusalema YouTube revenue racks in millions.

Released in late 2019, Jerusalema (featuring vocalist Nomcebo Zikode) has enjoyed unparalleled success thanks to the #JerusalemaDanceChallenge that spread through the globe like wildfire.

According to a statement released by Master KG’s team, it is worth noting that the song was recorded on 29 August 2019 and almost a year to the day later, it joins the ranks of the most-watched music videos on YouTube and is perhaps the only video by a black South African artist to reach this status.

Master KG said in a statement: “This is just amazing. I’m thrilled to see Jerusalema breaking records and inspiring people all over the world. It’s also humbling to see the speed at which it travels. When we reached the 50 million views last month nobody would have predicted that in four weeks it would have doubled. This is a testament that when Jesus says yes, nobody can say no. This has gone beyond us and it’s marvelous to watch.”

Now, just how much do 148 million views get you on YouTube via adverts? Its no wonder Master KG has managed to buy the cars. Most of that money is probably from Jerusalema YouTube revenue

Openmic Productions, the YouTube channel which hosts Jerusalema music video raked in R3 million when it reached 100 million views. As it gets to 148 million views, it will roughly get an additional R1.5 million. The projections are rough figures and fluctuate depending on how long it took to get the views.

Despite the varying figures, it is a given fact that Jerusalema has made over R4 million on YouTube and it will definitely get more views and revenue as it keeps rising the flag higher and higher.


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