Invest at Pick n Pay From as Little as R25

This is strictly for those that want to expand their financial capabilities through online investments. Before we go any further you have to understand that the more money you invest, the more money you stand to gain or lose. You can increase the chances of your victory & lessen those that of a loss by actually learning how is PNP’s value is constantly affected by various factors. Understand that the more PNP grows stronger, then more your investment becomes fruitful. Learn that then you’ll have a foot on the door.

It is actually very easy to invest or buy shares at Pik N Pay since there are quite a few number of apps that offers that service. Two of the Apps/Online platforms are “Moneyweb” & “Easy Equities”. These two apps can be downloaded free of charge directly from Playstore or Appgallery.

Pick N Pay is unagurably one of the biggest grocery retailers in South Africa. And that is exactly why there is a higher chance of positive a growth, thus increasing the chances of profit for those that had invested.


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