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Remember Nathi of the Nomvula fame what happened to him ?

Nkosinathi Mankayi s life story inspired many people coming from prison leaving of the gangster life behind reinventing his life , following his calling and inspiring many people through his touching music, against all odds Nathi bust into the scene with his debut album Buyelekhaya which took the country by storm , his hit single Nomvula quickly became a national anthem making waves nationwide , sold over a triple platinum copies earned him Metros and SAMA awards five in total and he disappeared.

He was dubbed as the new Ringo Madlingozi , with a strong rural background coming from the dust village in the Eastern cape , straight up the show biz ladder surely the challenges are too great , its never easy to stay consistent to balance social and professional lifestyle .

Nathi went into a nasty war with his former record label Muthaland , over some allegedly contract dispute in which Muthaland boss Lance Stehr claimed Nathi ores them an album , Lance Stehr is a giant in the game he has allegedly been involved in lot of dispute with his ex artist like Zola , Jozi among others , that could the main reason why Nathi is no longer doing well maybe it’s because some doors are closed for him , much like as they were closed for Zola .

He managed to leave Muthaland Records and he joined Gallo Records , he also started his own company Mankayi Media in which he signed his sister Amanda , since then Nathi’s career hit a down low which got some people wondering if he is a one hit wonder , clearly leaving Muthaland affected his career that is the main reason why he went quiet , rarely appears on television switching record labels has slowed down his career.

At some point he was all over the news for all the wrong reasons , when he and his companions allegedly broke into former managers office and took laptops Landlines etc , he spent a night behind bars but in a statement Nathi denied all the claims saying how can I steal from someone who works for me and that he is the one who was actually robbed , which could be true because managers reap off artist, and considering that he had a criminal record that didn’t help his situation.

Other than all the controversy the court cases Nathi is indeed a brave man , he fought aganst a record label until he was freed and became independent, that’s very brave of Nathi or should i say he was fortunate because many musicians face such problems but are unable to fight , many people have this question if he is blacklisted the answer is no he just switched record labels

However Nathi is still active and making more new good music , hopefully he will bounce back to the top soon , his third album after leaving Muthaland wasn’t successful as his first two but the dust will settle , Nathi will rise again all the way to top because there is no substitute for quality nor real talent.


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