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VIDEO: Zodwa Wabantu gets her panties wet

‘I will Always have Fun😂😂😂🍻 SFEBE🤣🤣🤣’, she captioned on a recently posted video on her Instagram. Socialite and dancer Zodwa Wabantu, real name Zodwa Libram, was filmed while her fans were getting her panties wet but she seemed to love it.

The dancer and businesswoman is known to do some of the most bizarre things in the dancing industry and this latest incident is not isolated.

In the video, Zodwa Wabantu is seen sitting on a bench in what looks like a bar while she is rhythmically moving with the music in the background.

One impressed fan is filmed pouring Savannah Dry lager on her behind, but she seemed not to mind him. she actually enjoyed, judging from the Instagram post that she did after the incident.

She took to Instagram to show her fans the video with a saucy caption “I will Always have Fun”.

What interested her fans most was the look by a guy in a maroon jacket sitting a few yards from Zodwa, who couldn’t believe his eyes and adjusted his sitting position to have a clearer view.

The curious guy is also seen being restrained by someone who seemed to be Zodwa’s bodyguard as he was getting too close to the dancer.

Watch the video below:



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