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A groom named Mandela & a 9-year engagement left #YPTMM fans shook

Another heated episode of You Promised To Marry Me left viewers shook and amazed by how a show can be so bad and yet so addictively good.

This was all thanks to Mandela (not the late political stalwart) as he tried to cry his way out of marrying a “sick and tired” Nandipha who sourced the services of Jub Jub and his crew to “finally” force Mandela to say “I do”.

Nandipha explained that she had been waiting to say “I do” for a whole nine years and that things got so bad in the nine years of waiting that she had to pawn the engagement ring just so she could put food on the table.

When Jub Jub and his crew rocked up at Mandela’s home, with Nandipha in a white wedding dress, flowers in hand ready to get married by fire or by force, Mandela had nowhere to run.

Things quickly got chaotic when the families of the long-time lovers started getting into it by exchanging hectic, loud, spicy words. Jub Jub also almost caught some hands when Mandela just couldn’t figure out why Jub Jub was in his house.

It was a full on film!


– TimesLive

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