Meet the lady, Angel Zuma who got Pastor Mbatha tempted on Uzalo

Ever since he gained power, Mbatha has been treating his wife like trash, it’s clear that he didn’t marry her because he loved her but because we wanted the position of taking over as the pastor at Kwa-Mashu Christian church.

His actions lately have been very disappointing and awkward. His mission to change the church’s choir seems to be lending him in big trouble with his wife.

Mbatha was warned about the young girls in the church who are up to no good and they would jeopardize his reputation, leading to his failure of being a suitable pastor for the church. Now there is a girl who have their eye on him and they even went into his office to share about the ideas of changing the choir’s uniform, while at the same time tempting Mbatha to lose his morals as a pastor.

You might have seen her several times without knowing who she is, her name is Angie Zuma. She’s a Gospel singer, she’s also in a choral member in reality and she hails from KZN. Angie is very passionate about singing and one person she wishes to work with in the future is Benjamin Dube.


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