PICS: Tshepi Vundla & JR Go All Out For Son’s 3rd Birthday

Tshepi Vundla and JR are known for sparing no expenses when it comes to spoiling themselves, the power couple was recently in Dubai and served up baecation goals during their quality time. Mommy and Daddy deserved a break too and they had the time of their lives while sight-seeing, relaxing on the beach and going on a shopping spree.

So it comes as no surprise that mommy and daddy would go all out for their bundle of joy, Siba, who just turned 3 years old.


The cute birthday party had a Marvel theme, with the whole family dressed to the tee in superhero costumes. Tshepi and her son were in matching Spiderman costumes, while JR honoured the late Chadwick Boseman in his Black Panther costume. Chadwick passed away last month, after battling cancer since 2016, he passed away peacefully in the presence of his family.

The tight-fitting costumes, specifically JR’s Black Panther suit caught Tweeps attention because of JR’s package that was clearly bulging out. Tweeps immediately forgot about the child’s birthday and complimented JR on being blessed.

Here are some hilarious comments from the Twitter streets.

“Yay nina!! This is Siba’s birthday celebration, stop looking at black panther’s infinity stones”

“Aw show dem, show dem lerete show dem! Theres kids there man JR!”

“Make masende bigger! Show Dem! Show Dem!”
Some Tweeps even decided to zoom in on JR’s package and congratulate Tshepi for having such a blessed partner.

Despite the honest fun and jokes, many Tweeps were just happy for the couple and their precious bundle of joy. It seems Tshepi and JR are enjoying this life thing together and are setting the bar high for couple goals.

Luckily Tshepi has a good sense of humour and found the whole thing hilarious when she Tweeted…

“I hate y’all… kumnandi (it’s fun) over here.”


Since she left her previous relationship with her alleged abuser, Tebello Tibz Motsoane, after she dragged him on Twitter and shared her experience with her followers, the good Sis has been flourishing and living a happier life than her previously toxic one. It’s clear that JR has been her Knight in shining armour and changed her life for the better. He is a great husband and father to Siba, who is Tshepi’s first child but J.R has two other children from a past relationship. But that hasn’t stopped the well-known rapper from being Tshepi’s biggest fan and best friend.

– ZAlebs

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