Madongwe Should Dump Mbatha:Uzalo Review

Uzalo Review-I knew from the moment Mbatha and Madongwe got together that it will end in tears, I didn’t expect it to end so soon. Seriously, Mbatha couldn’t even keep a decent woman for a month before he went flirting with some young girl.

Madongwe like Scandal’s Grace Medupe is desperate and lonely; she didn’t wanna see the real Mbatha or hear the warnings about him from her friends. When you haven’t been in the game for too long, you get played hard.

So, she found a G-string yesterday of another woman, and she still questioned if Mbatha’s behind it? Instead of walking away, she’s listening to his lies and crying to her friends? There she is, telling young women in the church to cross their legs and stay away from other people’s man, seriously?

Gabisile is playing her just as hard as Mbatha. She wants her husband; Qhabanga to get back his pastoral position. She will do whatever it takes to dethrone Mbatha and break them up because she hates poverty. The only way she and Qhabanga would get back in the church house and get back on top is if Madongwe and Mbatha break-up.

Why Madongwe Should Dump Mbatha

There might not be another man for Madongwe on the show and that’s why she’s not ready to let her current life go. She’s ashamed of her choices; not listening to her daughter’s (Lilly) warnings about Mbatha.

Madlala is going to make sure that Mbatha loses his position when he finally cheats on her friend; Madongwe. She is gossiper and cares about her friend.



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