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Nkululeko’s destination has come to an end on Imbewu!

Who would have thought that Nkululeko’s downfall will be because of a woman,how pathetic. Didn’t he ever read somewhere that “When you have everything stay with the woman who sticked with you when you had nothing “.

He will fall from his glorious position of being a CEO because he fell for a trap of a woman seducing him only to spite his girlfriend .

Zethu had a caring woman Zethu who loved him wholeheartedly,she is carrying their child. She defied her father to be in a relationship with him because her father reprimanded her to stay away from Bhengu sons to avoid the repeat of history. He gave her an ultimatum of moving out of her home or call it quits with Nkululeko,and she chose him.

The history that I am referring to is when Zethu had an entanglement with a Bhengu son Nganono,she discovered that she’s pregnant. After telling him as the father of the child he told her to terminate,when she refused he took the matter into his hands and spiked her drink with abortion pills which endangered her life. Nkululeko on the other side turned out to be the exact opposite of Nganono,he was happy when she told her she’s pregnant and even proposed her to give his son a stable home.

Things changed when Fikile arrived. She was employed by Nkululeko without getting approval from the board members and offered her very valuable perks and decided not to tell Zethu.Usually he consults her with every decision he takes or even asks for her advice so personally I think Zethu had every reason to be insecure.

She ruined things by showing Fikile the rotten attitude towards her and seemingly she wasn’t even interested in Nkululeko but she decides she’s had enough and offers Zethu a challenge. She promises to flirt with Nkululeko and he’ll obviously fall for her because she’s a beaut with brains.

When Shria hears Fikile is planning to flirt with Nkululeko and take him from Zethu,she encourages her worse offers her tips on how to lure him.

She has been gunning for Nkululeko to make a silliest mistake and she will make sure he’s out of the company. So Nkululeko dating Fikile will be most wrong move because he hired her without asking the shareholders,he offered her a salary 3 times increased compared to the one she is supposed to be earning. He paid off Fikile’s debt using the money belonging to the company and informed no one,so Shria will paint it as Nkululeko is misusing his powers. He wants to get paid by sex after offering someone a job or it will be like Fikile slept with Nkululeko to get the job and the perks was a bonus.

So Nkululeko dating Fikile will be the wrong move he has ever made.Shria will strike and become the new CEO and trick him into giving away his shares. He will sign without him acknowledge he’s signing off his shares and that will the end of him.

Fikile will dump him after realising their relationship is tarnishing her name and dragging it through the mud by being referred to a girl who dates her boss to get a job Nd and perks.Nkululeko will be left with no girlfriend or a company,no inheritance and no baby because Zethu will miscarry after receiving the devastating news of being left for another woman.


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