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DJ Tira Sets The Record Straight

Scammers are everywhere!

It’s not like the country hasn’t had enough of Forex and Bitcoin scammers, now there are imposters going around scamming ordinary citizens and pretending to be who they are not. This is very dangerous, especially since there is a pandemic of human trafficking gripping the country by the throat.

The latest victims of a dodgy scam have been DJ Tira’s fans, who have been duped by an unknown WhatsApp number pretending to be Malume Bearings. The imposter has been requesting to book specifically women for video shoots and promising huge amounts of money.

DJ Tira decided to do the right thing and alert his followers but most didn’t really see the seriousness of someone pretending to be a very famous DJ and promising stacks of money for a mere video shoot. Some Tweeps even went as far as just requesting for DJ Tira’s real contact number.

“Sescela eyakho ke Lume…”
“Give them the right one Lumez so that they will know when another scammer comes again”

Although this seemed like an innocent joke to some, some Tweeps saw the seriousness and potential criminality of having people posing as a DJ Tira, some Tweeps realised that human traffickers might be behind this scam and could have lured or still be luring girls in this way.

“This could be a lot more serious than how you find it humorous.”
“All I see is human trafficking, where does he lure this models to?”
“The location should be traced, it might be traffickers”
“People find this funny, its actually a serious matter. What happens to these young ladies who do attend this “video shoot”. Hayi ngeke Kushubile”

We can’t blame Tweeps for suspecting that these scams are tied to human trafficking, even some of our Mzansi celebrities have been very vocal when it comes to the disappearance and attempted kidnappers of women and children.

Busiswa highlighted the fact that women can’t live freely in their own country because of violent men, while Lerato Kganyago gave her followers some advice they could use when on a night out with friends to avoid being kidnapped. And L’vovo Derango asked critical questions which many haven’t been able to answer…

“How do all these trafficked people leave the country? No passports or Visas. Do u realize that we are dealing with a much more organized syndicate than we thought?” he questioned.”

We hope Bheki Cele actually listens to South Africans who are raising these human trafficking concerns instead of dismissing them and he actually does something about it, as Rami Chuene so eloquently put it.




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