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MUST SEE: Did 17-Year-Old Andiswa Selepe Get Engaged or It is A Promise Ring?

Andiswa Selepe, popularly known as thebomb.rsa is a famous teenager residing in South Africa. She is one of the most famous teens in South Africa with over 880k followers. She is 17 years old.

Andiswa is known to be in a relationship with Dj Melzi, real name Tumelo Mphai, who is a Dj and a Forex Trader. Tumelo is currently 18 years of age.

On Heritage day, Tumelo posted a picture of the two of them where she wore her traditional attire. Fans could not help but notice the bling on the left hand side.


Andiswa had a ring on the ring finger. It is custom in many cultures to put the engagement ring on the ring finger. This led to fans asking questions.


Some were positive towards the post. Others were negative. If you noticed, Tumelo captioned the picture as: ‘Mosadi ❤!!’ and this means wife or woman to be general.

While other fans were focused on the bling, one fan had her focus on her tummy. She asked if Andile is pregnant, she replied that she is not pregnant, it is the skirt.

A confussion arose when one fan asked if it’s a promise ring and thebomb.rsa replied with a yes and a laughing emoji. This makes it a bit confusing as to whether the two got engaged or it’s a promise ring. However, you will never know exactly what is happening between two people who are lovers.

Another fan, thereal_kamo said: ‘I hope you know what you are doing baby girl.’

Others replied by saying she is doing things too fast and that she is still young.

Andiswa is a very beautiful and privileged young lady. Hopefully she gets all the good things that she deserves.

If these two really love each other, may they work together in building their future and the rest shall follow.

What is your say on this?


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